YK-11 (4 week cycle)


  • Muscle Building SARM
  • Inhibits Myostatin
  • Fast Muscle Gains
  • Recommended Only for Men
  • One bottle is 30 ml (1 ml equals 10mg of YK-11)

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YK-11, one of the most popular SARMs, stands alone in its steroid-like muscle-building properties. It is closer to a SARM-steroid hybrid, so keep this in mind when determining whether this product is right for you.


While YK-11 is technically considered a SARM, it differs in that while other SARMs target and attach to androgen receptors in order to increase muscle, YK-11 is a synthetic compound based on 5-α-DHT. DHT is known to have significantly stronger muscle-building properties than testosterone (and also many more side effects), so it is a very promising compound.

Studies have shown that YK-11 does indeed affect androgen receptors, however unlike other SARMs on the market, it only does so partially.


1. Muscle Growth
“Myostatin” has been a term thrown around for several years in the fitness community. It is a compound produced naturally by humans that inhibits muscle growth. Many believe “myostatin inhibitors” are one of the keys to unlocking explosive muscle growth.

YK-11 acts to increase “follistatin”, which is a compound in our bodies that suppresses the effects of myostatin. The idea is that the more follistatin you have, the less myostatin you have and the more muscle growth you experience.

Users can have muscle gains of up to 15 pounds and a decrease in body fat after a single cycle.

2. Bone Density
YK-11 has been shown to activate Protein Kinase B, which has been shown to directly increase bone cell growth.


The recommended dosage of YK-11 is 5-15mg per day for 4 to 8 week cycles.


YK-11 is the most effective SARMs at building muscle. For new user, it’s important to begin using small doses to check for adverse reactions and work your way up.