Payment Methods & Shipping Info

What Payment Methods do You Accept?
We accept: Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, 3rd Party Transfer Services, and Bitcoin.

However, due to the nature of our products, we can’t accept card payments directly. All card payments need to use W.U. or another similar service.

Do You Offer any Discounts or Coupons?
We NEVER use coupons. This is the ONLY discount available: if you pay using Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, or Transfer Wise…you will receive 10% off your entire order.

Are Your Sarms Real?
Our Sarms are 100% real and independently tested for purity.

We’ve been in this industry for many years. We even supply Sarms to some of the top Muay Thai and MMA schools in Asia. And I guarantee you this, if our Sarms were fake…we would not be around for very long.

When Will I Receive My Order?
We have 3 different shipping methods available. Delivery time may vary a little depending on your country:
Express EMS = 5 – 7 days
Air Shipping = 2 weeks
Standard Shipping = 4 weeks

Where Do You Ship From?
We ship from Asia. Depending on your location, your order will be shipped from our warehouse in Thailand or Japan.

What Kind of Packaging Will My Order Arrive In?
All orders are shipped discreetly. There will be no mention of our company on the package or the return address label.

How Can You Guarantee Delivery?
Depending on your country, we will remove the Sarms labeling from the bottles and replace it with generic labels. We have been shipping Sarms worldwide for more than 5 years…and every package has arrived.

Why Do You Ship From Asia?
Our company is owned by Americans and Europeans. In USA, Sarms are a regulated substance only legal for “animal testing”. Because of this, we have decided to operate our company in Asia where Sarms are 100% legal.

Where is Your Sarms Made?
Our Sarms are laboratory made in Europe.

Do You Ship to USA?
Yes, we ship to USA multiple times every week. Due to the recent legislation, all Sarms branding on the bottles and boxes will be removed. If you order more than one kind of Sarm, the bottles be marked so you can tell them apart. (Removing the Sarms labeling is also required for shipping to Singapore and Australia.)


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