SARMs vs Steroids – Which is Better?

Steroids have been around ever since the 1950s. They’ve been proven to increase muscle mass, increase performance, and even aid in fat loss.

But with the up-and-coming development of SARMs, we’ve seen similar effects. Not only that, but we’ve been able to mitigate much of the side effects associated with steroids, such as hair loss, acne, high blood pressure, etc.

Let’s dive deeper and discover just why exactly you should be opting for SARMs instead of steroids in your pursuit of your fitness and physical goals.


First of all, steroids are completely illegal without a prescription in the United States, being classified as a Schedule III drug.

On the other hand, SARMs in some countries are legal as long as they are being used for “research purposes”. This means that you can purchase off the internet with ease without risk.

However, this may change in the future, as the the SARMS Control Act of 2018 in the United States was meant to be enacted last year, but never was fully put into place. Although this one may have failed, there may be continued attempts in the future, so I’d act on the the free nature of purchasing this supplement while you still can.

Side Effects

Let’s face it, the more side effects that you face, the less likely you’ll be able to recover effectively. And the less you recover, the less results you’ll keep. You see where I’m going with this?

You make gains because you want to keep them, right? Well, with SARMs, you have that ability, as there is much less strain on your body while doing a cycle of them as opposed to steroids.

Length of the Cycle

There’s a general protocol out there in the bodybuilding/fitness community that’s generally well-accepted that when you run a cycle of steroids, you must take the same amount of time off.

For example, if you run 12 weeks of steroids, you must take the same amount of time off, plus a 4-week PCT (post-cycle therapy), which means that’s a lot of time that you’re spending not making much, if any progress.

But on the other hand, with SARMs, you only have to take 4 weeks off or so before going back on again. This goes back to the fact about less strain on your body. The less strain your body goes through during the cycle, the longer you can run it without potential side effects, as well as being able to get results that are more “keepable” over the long-term, which is ultimately what we’re looking for.

Bottom Line

Choose SARMs over steroids. Not only will you get better results over time, but you’ll also increase your longevity both in the gym and in life in general.


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