Where to Safely Buy Steroids and Anabolics Online in 2024

Where to Safely Buy Steroids and Anabolics Online in 2022

Note: This may end up being a long post as I continually add to it to answer Steroid related questions.

If you don’t have the time or patience to read it, here is my answer, I personally buy my Anabolic Steroids from Thai Anabolics, thaianabolics.com

Read on for my longer answer!

This is the second most common question we are asked…

The first being, “Are your Sarms real?”  Hint…yes, our Sarms are 100% real!

Now back to the second most popular question we receive…

People love Sarms because they work, simple as that.  They aren’t the most powerful PED’s…there is a reason why Steroids are still used by EVERY bodybuilder in the world…because they work.

Yes, they have more side effects than Sarms. However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid them. It just means that if you have a goal of becoming bigger, stronger, and faster…you need to weigh the pros and cons.

Do I take Steroids? Yes, I did a lot in my youth. But as I’m getting older, I’m happy with using Sarms and Testosterone.

Enough about me, let’s return to the main topic of this article:

Where Do I Buy Real Steroids?

I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried all the brands of Steroids and Anabolics in the world, but I have tried enough to form a very strong opinion… 

And there are a lot of shit products out there!

Most of the raw material for Anabolics comes from China with very little quality control. One batch ordered from China can test 97% pure…while the next batch can test 25%

Most companies selling Steroids only pay to have their raw material tested once.  Then once it tests well, they don’t test again for many years because testing is expensive and illegal in many parts of the Western world.

Which means, you AND the company really has no idea of the quality of products they are selling.  The company ONLY knows that the first batch tested well. (This is assuming the company you found bothered to run their own tests and didn’t take some random Alibaba company at their word.)

I personally buy my Gear from Thai Anabolics.  This is not a paid post. They aren’t paying me to write this. Nor am I getting any compensation from clients I send them.

They’ve been my source for quite a few years now. It’s where I send my friends and clients when they inquire. 

Why I Buy From Thai Anabolics

1- The Owner

Over the years, I’ve built a good relationship with the owner of the company via email and WhatsApp.

Then as I migrated to spend more and more of my time in Asia, I met the owner of the company in person. He is a legit former European bodybuilder and fitness model. He is very well informed and quality is his number 1 priority.  If a product doesn’t test well, he trashes it…no matter the cost to him or the company.

2- From Europe…not China

So many of the Steroids on the market today are made in China…and have serious quality control issues (as mentioned above).  You want to avoid this if possible.

Hell, even giant whey protein companies keep getting into trouble because their products are tainted with shit that shouldn’t be in it.  Ever heard of a UFC fighter popping hot for a banned substance…which ended up being found in “legitimate” whey protein???

Or ever heard about LGD-4033 tablets causing water retention…guess what my friend, that company sold you Dianabol mixed with some random shit…not LGD-4033.

When it comes to injecting gear into your body. Don’t take any chances with some company that deals with black market products in China.  Trust me…it’s not fun. 

Been there and done that!

3- Location

Their company is based out of Thailand, where Steroids are legal. Which means, they don’t need to hide behind any red tape or bullshit restrictions. 

To me, that’s a huge plus. 

If you purchase from a Western country where it is illegal to sell Steroids, ever wondered what will happen to your information when that company gets raided by the police? You think your information will be protected? Or do you think they will sell you out in a heartbeat to make a deal?

Which leads me to my next point…

4- Privacy

All data on their end is deleted every 30 days. So after one month, there will be no digital record of you or your order in their system.

Due to the nature of their products, this is something I appreciate.  Even if Steroids are legal in Thailand, I don’t want them to keep my information. 

Cons about Thai Anabolics

1- They don’t sell needles or syringes. As you know, these can be a hassle to get in USA and other Western countries. So you’ll need to get them elsewhere.

2- The shipping time to most countries is 2 weeks. Not a deal breaker for many, but still can be annoying to wait. 

When I asked if they could speed up the shipping time, they told me this is the safest and most secure way to ship internationally so the package arrives without an issue.

I can’t fault them on that, but as a client, I want my Gear asap.

Shipping cost for most of my orders is about 12usd.


In summary, I buy my Steroids from Thai Anabolics.  They are a legit and professional company and I recommend them without any financial compensation.

Quick links for their website:

Injectable Anabolics

Tablet Steroids

PCT Products

Complete Steroid Stacks

That’s it for now. If you have any other Steroid related questions, let us know and I’ll add to this post.  


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